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Easy Tips to Ditch Up To 8 Pounds in a Month

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Did you know it takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound of fat? Cutting out 500 calories a day from your regular eating plan should create a loss of one pound on the scale in one week; 4 pounds a month. If you also add a 250-500 calorie burning workout session to your daily routine, in addition to consuming 500 less calories per day, it should equate to a weekly loss of approximately 2 pounds or up to 8 pounds per month.

A few simple ways to cut 500 calories a day from your regular eating plan include cutting out sodas (2-3 per day), counting out your food item according to the serving size instead of pouring them into a bowl or eating straight from the bag and skipping the whip and opting for skim milk in those fancy coffee drinks.

A few simple ways to burn an extra 250-500 calories per day include running/walking 1-2 miles in roughly 15 – 30 minutes, jumping rope for 30-45 minutes, doing yardwork/housework for 90 minutes and our personal favorite, participating in a 30 minute Fast, Intense, Interval, Training team session at FIIT Training Center.

The Heart Rate Monitor…one of the best fitness tools you’ll ever purchase!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase cardiovascular health or simply stay fit, a heart rate monitor is one of the best investments you can make. Yes you can take your own pulse during a workout by placing two fingers over the carotid or radial arteries, but it’s definitely more convenient to just look down at your wrist without missing a beat…no pun intended. It’s important to know your heart rate as well as your training zone during a workout if you plan to get the most out of your session.

If you’re counting calories, a heart rate monitor that also calculates calories burned will be a better investment. These monitors include a calories burned feature that can help you understand the calories in – calories out concept a bit better. For example, if your typical 30-minute workout displays a total of 350 calories expended…you might second think ingesting that 350 calorie cream filled donut.

There are all sorts of heart rate monitors; from basic ones that just monitor your heart rate, to ones that can track your speed, distance and more. Prices vary from about $50 per unit to as much as $350. Choose the heart rate monitor that best suites your needs.

Here’s a link to some good heart rate monitors with reviews: Top Heart Rate Monitors

“I Never Said It Would Be Easy, I Only Said It Would Be Worth It”

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Losing weight for many people is one of the most challenging things they’ll ever do in their life. Although I have never been overweight in my life, I have had many overweight people be a part of mine. I’ve seen the pain and struggles they go through because of their weight, but I’ve also seen the happiness and change it brings to their life once they’ve lost it.

It’s not uncommon for me to hear stories of my clients being overweight for most of their life. Some of them spending years, even decades feeling the physical and mental stress their weight has caused them. I think…how does this happen? Why did you wait so long before doing something about it.

I think for most overweight people it seems like a lot of work, a battle that can’t be won. Well guess what…it is going to be work! That battle won’t be won unless you do something about it. It’s not going to be easy, but I can promise you…it will definitely be worth it!

Alli (weight loss pill)…So what’s a little gas, soiled underwear and diarrhea!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Is it really worth it! Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Weight loss in a pill! It’s here…and everyone’s rushing out to stock up on it. Alli’s manufacturer (GlaxoSmithKline) claims it works by blocking the body’s absorbtion of dietary fat by 25%. However, users of this product should not consume more than 15 grams of fat per meal, otherwise they might experience some unexpected drainage. That’s right…unexpected, greasy discharge. Many users of “Alli” are finding out where some of the undigested fat is ending up…right in their pants; I guess for some…better in the pants, than around the waist.

How much weight loss can one expect from this pill? Well, that DEPENDS…no pun intended. Supposedly, users of this weight loss supplement (when used in conjunction with a low fat/calorie diet and regular exercise) can expect about 50% more weight loss than with regular dieting alone. However, one study of Alli showed that dieters who took the drug along with diet and exercise over a 12 month period lost about three pounds more than those who only dieted and exercised.

So what are some of the embarrassing side effects of this new over-the-counter wonder drug? Where should I begin? Users have experienced gas with oily discharge, diarrhea, digestive problems, anal leakage and uncontrollable bowel movements. The Alli website actually encourages users of their product to wear dark clothing and carry an extra pair of pants with you!

The decision is yours. Would you rather follow a healthy eating plan with regular exercise or chance an embarrassing moment(s) in order to lose a few extra pounds? Should you choose the latter, don’t forget your “Alli Survival Kit” packed with clean underwear and pants, panty liners or adult diapers and maybe even a can of Spot Shot!