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Go Back To Your Old Habits…Go Back To Your Old Body!

Sunday, December 1st, 2013


I am a weight loss and fitness coach. My passion for fitness and my clients’ success have kept me doing what I love for over 20 years. I want to see every one of my clients succeed. Most do succeed, but I see this happen way too often.

A person TOTALLY changes their life around by adopting a healthier lifestyle; eating cleaner every day and exercising throughout the week. They’re feeling great! Energized with that new found hope of finally doing something good for their body that will make them look better, feel better, and ultimately prolong their life. They prepare and plan meals religiously. Logging their daily food intake and blogging their fitness experience routinely helps them stay focused. And within a few short months…they’ve totally transformed their bodies, which has totally transformed their life!

Friends and family members they haven’t seen in a while are shocked with their weight loss. They commend them on their hard work and dedication which has led them to their new body. They’re on “Cloud 9″! Shopping for new stylish clothes because their unfashionable old body ones no longer fit. They don’t fit them physically, nor do they fit how their new body makes them feel; healthy, energized and alive again.

Then for some reason, many put the weight back on again. They go back to their old habits. The same habits that got them to the weight they thought they would never let themselves get to in the first place. A weight they vowed not to ever see on the scale again.

Why does this happen? Why do so many that have worked so hard to get the weight off, put it right back on again? I believe it’s because of focus. Everyday life occurrences and busy schedules get in the way and focus is lost. Soon they stop logging which helped them stay honest, aware, and on track. Then they start eating out again and picking up whatever is convenient; not knowing what is in the meal or how it was prepared. Exercise becomes less and less and then not at all. The next thing you know…the weight is back on again. Sometimes put back on so fast, making their entire weight loss experience feel as if it were only a dream.

But guess what? Everyday life occurrences happen to everyone. They’ve always been there and they always will. It’s called LIFE! And you deal with life one day at a time. You are going to have good days and you are going to have some bad days. Try to keep your slips from turning into falls…and if you do fall, get right back up!

Remember this! Your old habits got you your old body, and your new habits have rewarded you with your new body. Go back to your old habits…go back to your old body!

One of the best weight loss and fitness investments!

Friday, September 6th, 2013

A heart rate monitor measures your heart rate whenever you wear it, at rest, during exercise, or just working around the house. Today’s heart rate monitors have gotten pretty fancy. Now they can do much more than just measure your heart rate:

• They can tell you when you’re in or out of your target range.
• Some measure calories burned (this is an estimate and may not reflect your actual calories burned).
• Some can help you analyze your training and plan future training sessions off that data.

Choosing A Heart Rate Monitor

• Choose a heart rate monitor that fits your needs. There are some made for cycling, running and multi-sport athletes.
• If you’re getting one for weight loss, choose one that reads heart rate and calories expended.
• If you’re a cyclist or runner, you might want to get one with a built in GPS.

Heart Rate Monitors Can Help You Lose Weight Quicker

Train harder and for longer durations and you’ll burn more calories, which will help you shed more fat. Engage in high intensity interval training (HIIT) and you’ll minimize your total aerobic time and achieve better results, more weight loss.

A heart rate monitor that measures calories burned can help you determine what your total daily caloric intake should be. Take in less calories than you burn and you should lose weight. It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose a one pound of fat. So, Consuming 500 less calories than you burn daily, for seven days, should give you a one pound loss on the scale for the week.

In my opinion, Polar heart rate monitors are the best! You can find more info about Polar monitors at

Our 30-Day Kick Start Transformation Starts September 3, 2013

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Jason Smith Fitness has chosen four weight loss subjects that will have 30 days to lose as much weight as possible via exercise and following a strict diet plan. The four individuals will be training with Jason Smith three days per week using the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training protocol to maximize weight loss. They will be handing in weekly food journals every Friday for Jason’s review. At that time, each lady will get on the scale to see how their hard work is paying off.

The girls received their weight loss goals for the 30-Day program. They are as follows:

Zamantha Tavazon – 25 lbs
Kasey English – 22 lbs
Mari Ramos – 18 lbs
Patty LePore – 15 lbs

You can follow their success at

Good luck ladies!!

If You Want To Lose Weight…make these three weight-loss tips habit!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

I’ve been a weight loss coach for over 10 years and have seen many succeed and many fail only because they weren’t yet mentally ready to change. Of those who succeeded, every single one logged their daily meals. It kept them on track. I cannot stress enough how important food journaling is. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get in all your meals and I cannot stress enough how important it is to know how your food is prepared. It’s that simple. Now there is a study that confirms this. These three simple, yet effective habits make all the difference!

Want to lose weight? Adopt these 3 habits

Is Your Body Weatherized For Summer?

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Summer is right around the corner, why not make this one your best! No more wearing the long baggy shorts and big t-shirts at the pool…BREAK OUT THE BIKINI! With three months left until summer, you still have plenty of time to get in shape.

Here’s what you’ll need for your three-month weatherization kit:

– Resistance training – Exercise with weights at least 3x/week to build muscle and burn fat.
- Cardiovascular exercise – Get that heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day to help create a calorie deficit and burn stored fat.

**Consider enrolling in one of our FIIT Team Training classes, where both resistance training and cardiovascular training are combined per the HIIT protocal**

- Healthy eating – Eat approx. 5x/day (small meals); a lean protein source with a low-glycemic carb.
- Calendar – Write down every week what you plan to do for activity; then cross it out once you’ve completed it.
– Food log – Enter into your journal every time you eat and drink; what, when, and how much.

Just how important is sleep when it comes to losing fat?

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Everyone knows that sleep is vital to our existence, but did you know that it also plays a very important role when it comes to losing fat?

My 12-week transformation clients are required to keep a daily log of their food intake. They annotate what they eat, the times they eat, water intake, and the amount of sleep they get each night. Why do I have them log their sleep? Well….if they’re not getting enough sleep (approximately 8 hours each night) it can effect their fat loss, muscle gain and physical performance.

Here’s an article on sleep and fat loss: Want To Lose Weight? Get Some Sleep

What good is that goal if it’s never reached!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

People set goals to keep their minds focused and to have something to work towards…Achievement! Nothing feels greater than to accomplish what you set out to do, so why do so many people fail at completing their goals? …Interference! Those little life interferences can throw you right off track, making that destination (goal) more difficult or even impossible to reach. So, what can you do to help stay on your track? Prepare!

Here are some tips to help keep that goal in sight:

Put your goal to paper – Write your goal down and keep it where you will see it every day. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.
Have a plan of attack – what needs to happen in order for you to reach your goal. Write it down in a daily planner or calendar. Plan!
Set an “Accomplish By” date – What’s the deadline for completing your goal? Seeing the finish line is exciting and will help to motivate you.
Keep it real – Set an attainable goal. Make sure your goal is realistic.
Visualize your success – Meditate achieving your goal every single day, and hold on to that awesome feeling of success!

Keep in mind that most goals you set in life won’t come easy. Expect some interference along the way; never lose sight of your goal and you won’t be stopped! Much like that wide receiver running the ball for the game-winning touchdown. He knows he will encounter some resistance, but he has “TOUCHDOWN” embedded in his sights! With that determination, he will not be stopped!


Decrease gym time…increase calories burned!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

With the majority of our population being unfit and overweight, we need to be burning more calories. Sometimes our busy lifestyles can get in the way leaving less time for our workouts. What if you could spend less time in the gym and burn more calories??? Well…you can! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is a great training protocol that works for any fitness level!

MSNBC article: Work/rest intervals ratchet up workouts!

Like NIKE Said…”Just Do It”!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

You’ve been overweight for so long now…you can’t even remember what it’s like not to be. You say that you’ve tried “EVERY” diet and exercise plan and nothing works, but can you really, honestly say that you’ve tried??? Can you honestly say that you gave it your all? How long did you stick with your exercise plan? Were you consistent with it? Did you make weekly calendars with planned exercise activities? How long did you follow that “DIET”? Did you keep a food journal logging your daily nutritional intake, e.g., calories, protein grams, carbohydrate grams, fat grams, etc.? Did you eat small, sensible, frequent meals throughout the day (approx. 5-6/day)? Did you set goals…realistic ones? These are all habits you should be consistent with if you want to lose weight and change the way your body looks once and for all. So, if you’ve given up on the weight loss project…give it another shot, but this time I want you to give it your all. Just Do It!!!!

It’s Fitness Friday!!

Friday, August 14th, 2009

I’ve been personal training for nearly twenty years now and I have to say that Fridays are the best. On Fridays I typically get more out of my clients than any other day of the week. What I mean by this is…they work harder. They push for that extra rep. Less complaints. I wonder why this is?? Is it because people are generally happier on Fridays and mood plays an important role in fitness? Is it because they know they have one last workout before a weekend of recovery? Whatever the reason…I’ll take it!

Hope you have a Happy Fitness Friday!!