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Could that ALCOHOLIC beverage be hindering your weight loss?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

You’ve given up sweets, pizza and fast food, and hit the gym six days a week since you started your weight loss program. Maybe it’s an occasional night out drinking with the guys or a nightly dinnertime ritual, but you’re not gonna give up the alcoholic beverages you enjoy. I was inspired to write this blog by one of my clients who shared this outlook. I’m not sure what prompted her to do so, but one day she decided to give up drinking completely. Besides becoming more engaged in her weight loss program, she noticed improvements in her skin and overall well-being. The most dramatic effect was her weight loss…she lost 27 pounds in three months!

There are physiological reasons behind alcohol’s hindering weight loss. One of the reasons I have my clients eat certain foods at frequent intervals throughout the day is to help maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels. Alcohol interferes with all three sources of glucose and hormones such as cortisol. This results in unhealthy glucose levels and the forming of the infamous “beer belly.”

There are also other considerations:

Alcohol contains many calories in small volumes. A lite beer, for example, contains as many as 120 calories. A small margarita can have over 250 calories.
Drinking alcohol stimulates food intake. Some of our worst food decisions are made after a couple drinks. Nachos? Sounds delicious. My weight loss can wait until tomorrow.
Alcohol Affects Quality of Exercise. Ever tried to drag yourself to the gym after a night out? I have had clients say they felt like their hang-over enhanced workouts were a waste of time since they were too groggy to focus on their workouts and engage their muscles. This sets a pattern for the rest of the day – it’s easy to give up on a healthy diet when you’re not feeling 100%.
Alcohol Affects Sleep Quality. Studies show that getting adequate sleep is essential to weight loss. When you’ve had a few drinks before bed, your body falls asleep quickly; however, once it’s processed the alcohol it suffers from something similar to withdrawal. This can result in shallow sleep, multiple awakenings, vivid dreams and general reduction in sleep quality.

My message is this: Enjoy an occasional drink after work or glass of wine on the patio, but the key is moderation. Don’t make alcohol a part of your weight loss program, and avoid it completely if you can.

What if there was a pill that could extend your life expectancy?

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Well…there isn’t a pill that can do this yet, but there is something else…it’s called diet and exercise. These two components should be a part of every individual’s life. Perhaps, more so if you’re overweight and at risk of the many diseases associated with being overweight. For most individuals “battling the bulge”…a change in eating habits and adding exercise into their daily routine can actually add years to their lives. Just by simply making smarter food choices and adding some form of physical activity in your daily routine, can not only make you look and feel better, it can actually add years to your life.

Here are just some of the health risks of being overweight:

– Heart disease
– Stroke
– Cancer
– Type 2 Diabetes
– Sleep Apnea
– Fatty liver disease

A “BIG-FAT” reality check for the world

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

I came across this interesting article on MSNBC. It looks like the rest of the world is catching on to the convenience of “Fast Food”.

Here’s a link to the article:

Exercise…the feel good DRUG!

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Feeling stressed, depressed, or even a little angry? Try a dose of EXERCISE! It’s legal, inexpensive, and great for you! Exercising releases certain chemicals throughout the body that just make you feel better…a natural high. Almost immediately during an intense resistance training session, or all-out run…you can feel the rush! Ahhhh…this euphoric feeling keeps you wanting more.

Do you feel married to your fat?

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Are you in an unhealthy marriage with you fat? You’ve been together for so long that it seems easier to put up with than to get out of? Try to imagine how much happier, productive, and energetic you’d be without it. Maybe it’s time you finally divorce yourself from your fat and start a new life!