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Easy Tips to Ditch Up To 8 Pounds in a Month

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Did you know it takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound of fat? Cutting out 500 calories a day from your regular eating plan should create a loss of one pound on the scale in one week; 4 pounds a month. If you also add a 250-500 calorie burning workout session to your daily routine, in addition to consuming 500 less calories per day, it should equate to a weekly loss of approximately 2 pounds or up to 8 pounds per month.

A few simple ways to cut 500 calories a day from your regular eating plan include cutting out sodas (2-3 per day), counting out your food item according to the serving size instead of pouring them into a bowl or eating straight from the bag and skipping the whip and opting for skim milk in those fancy coffee drinks.

A few simple ways to burn an extra 250-500 calories per day include running/walking 1-2 miles in roughly 15 – 30 minutes, jumping rope for 30-45 minutes, doing yardwork/housework for 90 minutes and our personal favorite, participating in a 30 minute Fast, Intense, Interval, Training team session at FIIT Training Center.

Thank YOU for the inspiration! FIIT is finally here!

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I want to thank all of my clients that have shared their past group fitness training and bootcamp experiences with me. It was your stories that inspired me to create a program that would not only be intense, but also safe, fun and extremely effective. I’ve spent the last two years testing and tweaking new ideas for what I wanted to be the “BEST” group training program ever! Today I’m proud to say…FIIT is finally here! So far…….so great!

FIIT – Fast Intense Interval Training