Alcohol and Weight Loss Don’t Mix

Whether you’re doing a 12-week transformation or preparing for a contest, you want to make sure you are consuming all the right things and avoiding the wrong ones. Unfortunately, proper nutrition can sometimes be complicated, and it might even result in you throwing in the towel. But when it comes to losing weight, alcohol is a no-no.

As you may know, carbs and protein contain four calories per gram, while fats have nine. Alcohol has seven calories per gram, but it’s processed differently than carbs and proteins. It’s not an essential nutrient, and when consumed, your body typically identifies it as a toxin and works quickly to get it out of your body.

Although alcohol is nothing but empty calories (no nutritional value), it is extra calories…and those calories can still add up fast. But it’s not just the extra calories that make alcohol a bad choice when dieting, it’s the fact that alcohol severely decreases the body’s fat oxidation rate. Fat oxidation is the body’s way of breaking down fat so that it can use it for energy (fat burning process). And if fat oxidation is severely decreased (which studies show to be as much as 73%), so is weight loss.

Furthermore, alcohol can increase your appetite, giving you the “munchies” and make you want to eat more. Studies have shown that people tend to eat more (additional calories) when they drink alcohol with a meal.

So, if your serious about losing weight…ditch the alcohol!

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