Weight Loss Tips – small changes that make a BIG difference

Here are some simple changes that will make a BIG difference in your fat loss success.

Tips 1-5:

1. Keep a journal – keeping a log of your nutritional intake is a proven method for weight loss. Most individuals have no idea of their daily caloric intake.
2. Drink plenty of water – Keeping your body hydrated is often overlooked when trying to lose weight. As you burn fat your body releases toxins; water helps to flush these toxins out of the body.
3. Eat breakfast – After a 6-8 hour sleep session, your body is ready for nutrition; lean proteins, complex carbs, and water. Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast will give you energy and provide your muscles with the nutrition they missed out on while you were resting.
4. Don’t skip meals - Skipping meals will slow your metabolism down. Keep a steady metabolic rate by eating often; every 3-4 hours.
5. Resistance train – Exercising with weights will increase muscle mass. The more muscle….the faster your metabolism.

Tips 6-10:

6. Avoid high fructose corn syrup – Look at the ingredient listing under the nutritional facts label. If it contains high fructose corn syrup…avoid it.
7. Don’t wait until you’re hungry – If you wait until you are hungry to eat, you’re more likely to OVEREAT. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day; this will help keep your metabolism on a fast burn throughout the day.
8. Visualize – Keep a constant visualization of how you want to look. Cut out pictures for inspiration and post them as reminders to keep you on track.
9. Prepare your food in advance – Cook 2-3 days worth of meals in advanve; have them readily available. This is one of the biggest reasons people fail on diets. Lack of preparation.
10. Make a calendar – Plan your weekly exercise activities on a calendar. At the end of the week you will feel a sense of accomplishment…or not (if you didn’t hit your planned weekly goals).

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