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Personal Trainers

Why Choose Us

We are 100% dedicated to personal training. We care about your results and we work hard to help you obtain them. We use an educated approach in guiding you through effective and proven workouts.

Upon entering Jason Smith Fitness you will be assigned a personal trainer. You will be given a one on one consultation and then taken through a full body fitness assessment. A fitness assessment is used to test the five components of fitness, which are:

Muscular strength
Muscular endurance
Cardiovascular endurance
Body composition

Your physical limitations, physical abilities, history of physical fitness, and desired results from your personal training experience all play an important role in the design of your workouts. Once your results are obtained, a personalized exercise program is designed for you, based on you.

All of our personal training packages include ongoing fitness assessments so you can see the actual changes you have made to your body. There is nothing more exciting than reaching a goal. Let us measure your path to success!

About the Club: Jason Smith Fitness prides itself on keeping a clean and sanitized workout environment. 

Shower stalls are provided for those individuals that workout prior to work or during their lunch break

Daily storage lockers are available if you have valuables  to store while you exercise. (please provide your own lock)

We also have refrigerated storage to keep your post-workout shake / meal cold.

Training Hours: Our hours of operation are scheduled around client training. Please call or email in advance to schedule an appointment.


Special Scheduling: Jason Smith Fitness has special scheduling to accomodate the busy business professional; physicians, attorneys, real estate agents, etc. 


Jason Smith Fitness FIIT Training Center 602.297.3448 info@jasonsmithfitness.com 4828 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016

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