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30 days ago, I was lucky enough to be chosen for this 30-day transformation. And finally, after 5 years of battling with my weight since my son was born, I am back in my skinny jeans! In such a short period of time, with Jason’s guidance, I have learned so much about fitness, nutrition, and myself. What I liked the most about the program is that it wasn’t just show up at the gym, workout and go home, it was so personalized.

Patty LePore

While scrolling through my FB posts I came across a 4 week transformation challenge. I responded, thinking what do I have to lose…other than the weight, high blood pressure issues and other health concerns including my life!!! To my surprise I received a call from Jen Smith….and the next 4 weeks the start to my transformation began! Setting goals along with an eating and training/exercise plan to follow for the next four weeks.

Kasey C-E

For my birthday this year my husband surprised me with a new dress, when I saw it I was offended. There was no way that HUGE dress was going to fit me!!!! I never thought I was that big. The fact that it fit me was a rude awakening for me.

Zamantha Tavison

I consider myself a pretty self motivated person. I have been very successful in the past at losing the weight I needed to but the issue has always been gaining it back. I knew it was time to find someone or something to give me that extra push. I found Jason Smith Fitness by pure chance on the internet and was attracted by his blogs, transformation programs and testimonials.

Rachel Stern

If you are reading this, chances are you’re thinking of making a change in your life. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds and get in shape. Maybe you want to put on some muscle or get toned.Or maybe you’re where I was: maybe you’ve reached a point where your weight has started to interfere with your quality of life.


I started this program because with work and going to school I hit a wall mentally, physically and emotional. I needed help and knew if I could lose some weight I would feel better in all these areas. However I knew it wasn’t going to work if I didn’t have someone pushing me outside my comfort zone and being accountable. I was already fooling myself by wearing a size 10 that should have been a 12.


12 short weeks ago I made the decision to take control of my health due to a high cholesterol and pre-diabetic diagnosis. After speaking with Jason Smith for about 15 minutes during my consultation I knew this was the right fit for me. There was no sales pitch, no stress, simply a conversation about goals and reaching them.

Veronica A.

I can’t say enough about Jason Smith Fitness! I’ve always enjoyed exercise and weight training but didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to train on my own. I’ve been training at Jason Smith Fitness for four months and I’m in the best shape of my life.


Hello Jason, three years ago I learned I had lymphoma. Twenty-four weeks of intensive chemotherapy followed. I tolerated it well. But then the big surprise – I was in a very weakened condition. Besides that I found out I also had Parkinsons disease. My mobility was diminishing.

Hector G.

Jason, first, thank you for being such a fine instructor. I feel such pride when I leave your gym because somehow, you encourage me to do exercises that I seriously did not think I was capable of doing. You are gifted.


Thanks Jason for all the wonderful training. It has helped me reach goals I never thought I could ever obtain after weighing over 212 pounds!! I went from a size 18 to my current size 11!!!

Blanca C.

I began training with Jason Smith Fitness in 2006. I was impressed with Jason from the start. He spent a significant amount of time with me during our initial consultation to truly understand my fitness and nutrition goals.

Angie K.

I became aware of Jason Smith through a recommendation from one of his previous clients. I was looking for a knowledgeable, professional trainer that would be capable of helping me to transform my current physical condition after an extended illness and considerable weight gain.

Debbie P.

My experience with Jason has been a positive one on every level. He takes a professional approach to the business of fitness, is a person of integrity and has the utmost respect and concern for his clients.

Sheryl V.

Allow me to give a brief history of myself. My Father passed away at age 43 from complications brought on by Diabetes. This should have been a huge sign for me in dealing with health and well-being, but I chose not to see it. Throughout my adult life, I’ve always been the “big” guy; athletic and active but always overweight.


I have exercised off and on for most of my life with varying results. Nine years of the married life and four kids later I realized I had gained 90 pounds. I am now 45 lbs lighter and half way back to my “younger man” weight.

Tim K.

About the Club: Jason Smith Fitness prides itself on keeping a clean and sanitized workout environment. 

Shower stalls are provided for those individuals that workout prior to work or during their lunch break

Daily storage lockers are available if you have valuables  to store while you exercise. (please provide your own lock)

We also have refrigerated storage to keep your post-workout shake / meal cold.

Training Hours: Our hours of operation are scheduled around client training. Please call or email in advance to schedule an appointment.


Special Scheduling: Jason Smith Fitness has special scheduling to accomodate the busy business professional; physicians, attorneys, real estate agents, etc. 


Jason Smith Fitness FIIT Training Center 602.297.3448 info@jasonsmithfitness.com 4828 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016

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