The First Month

If 2017 has turned into a year where you are dragging your feet, and you are eager for a lifestyle change involving health and fitness, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is getting started.  I have found that sometimes it’s not just entering the gym for the first time— it’s actually continuing during those first weeks without fail.

Generally speaking, people find a regiment easier to uphold once they have experienced physical and mental change.  “I feel great,” makes going to the gym easier, and dieting less of a chore.  But how do you get to that point?

If you have never done a lifestyle change of this sort before, or even if you have and it has just been a few years, you are in for good news:  a solid nutrition plan and a proper fitness regiment will more than likely mean dramatic physical and mental change for you quite quickly!  But that change will only happen with consistency.  Because of that, consider this:  Look at your new lifestyle not as a lifelong thing.  Hopefully it will be.  But just make a small goal for yourself:  Give it a month.  No quitting.  Take 4 weeks out of your life, starting now, to try something new and exciting.  After 4 weeks you should start to round the first corners to feeling better, stronger or leaner, and healthier.  What also helps is holding yourself accountable to another person.  “If I don’t uphold this regiment– if I do not do what I said I was going to do– I’ll be letting down this friend that I told.”  We’re all in this together, after all.  You showing you have what it takes to maintain this new regiment has a positive impact on those around you.

That second month gets a lot less of a chore IF you can just find the willpower to consistently try something for those first 4 weeks.

If you have ever considered making a SMART, STRATEGIC, and SAFE transition into a positive and healthy lifestyle, then now is the time to test yourself.  Consider calling us for a free consultation.  We’d love to find out more about your goals and where you’d like to see yourself transform.

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