Train Yourself to Lift More

Goal setting is important, and it’s not always necessarily about going lean.  Already this year I’ve had a few clients who have come to me with lifting goals.  They want to be able to bench more than they ever have before, for example.  There are a few key ingredients you can add to your workout to increase your bench press, if your goal is to increase the maximum weight you can lift.

I refer to this particular regiment as a strengthening protocol.  The key with this protocol is that it should be performed every other day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example) with weekends off.

At the beginning of these days we start on the bench.  Don’t worry, it won’t throw off the day or anything— it goes quite fast, but the impact is amazing.

When we start the protocol, we figure out a comfortable weight to lift.  It should be 60% of your 1 rep max (1RM). And then proceed as follows HITTING THIS EVERY WORKOUT before moving on to other focus points:

1 – On the first day of this protocol, we do five reps, with VERY PRECISE FORM, utilizing a one second hold at the bottom of each of the five reps.

2 – On day two, we do five reps of that same weight, but instead of a one second hold at the bottom of each rep, we do a two second hold.

3 – On day three, we do five reps of that same weight, but instead of a two second hold, we do a three second hold.

4 – On day four, we do five reps of that same weight, but instead of a three second hold, we do a four second hold.

5 – On day five, we do five reps of that same weight, but instead of a four second hold, we do a five second hold.

6 – On day six, we up the weight by 5 pounds, depending on the last day’s form, and start over with a one second hold. Essentially starting back at step 1, but with higher weight IF day 5 was successful.

And then proceed up steps 1-6 again.  The key is building strength through resistance in those longer holds each day, until you are ready to proceed up in weight.  The form must be perfect, and confident.

With one client of mine, we started this protocol less than three months ago, at 150 pounds.  As of last week, he has now solidly done the protocol at 205 pounds, and his maximum bench press (one rep) was 225 pounds— more than he’s ever been able to bench press before in his entire life.

Remember— there are different ways to work out depending on your goals.  If you ever have questions, please do reach out to a trained professional for a consultation and help in developing key regiments that can accomplish your specific goals.  Our staff are available to discuss fitness with you.  Contact us to set an appointment and reach new heights in fitness and health.

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