More Age Does Not Mean Being Less Fiit

Age brings it’s own set of obstacles.  If you are older than 35, or even a member of the baby boomer generation, you may feel more tenderness in your muscles these days, fatigue more easily, or maybe you’ve faced an injury while working out that has encumbered you.  You are not alone.
Obstacles come along just as wisdom does.  That does not mean you should work out less, or even worse that fitness and a healthy lifestyle is just no longer part of your big picture.  Quite the opposite– it’s more important than ever to ensure you continue to strengthen your muscles and joints as you grow with age.  Doing so can help actually stave off injuries from outside the gym, as well as inside.
The key to a healthy fitness regiment when you are growing older is modifying your workouts to work around the obstacles that you face.  Do you feel pain in your joints when lifting heavy weights?  Work with a trained professional to figure out a regiment that can benefit you, such as steering away from high impact exercises, lowering the weight you lift, and replacing that workout time with longer reps.  Focusing on form is more important than ever if you are facing more obstacles in the gym.  Sometimes lifting less allows you to focus more on slower reps with more perfect form, getting the same muscle growth that you used to face in your younger years, via different means.
Do not lose hope.  At Jason Smith Fitness, we have LOTS of clients ranging from younger age groups all the way up to (insert oldest age here).  Gaining years does not mean working out less.  It means working out smarter.  If you ever have questions about finding the workout that is perfect for your specific obstacles, please contact us.  We’re available for free consultations and want to help you reach a new threshold of fitness.

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