In Rest We Build

No matter how heavy you lift, or how many reps you do, it is important to understand how your body actually builds muscle.  The fibers of your muscles do not grow without breaking apart and rebuilding.
That period of rebuilding is a key ingredient that is sometimes overlooked.
Your muscles ONLY build when they are resting.  You will not experience physical change if you bench press every single day, hitting the same muscles, without days of rest.  It just will not happen.
It’s important to plan out a weekly regiment that allocates days of rest for your specific muscle groups in a rotation.  If Monday is your chest and tricep workout, do not hit your chest and triceps on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Make sure that you have a plan of attack for specific muscle groups in a rotation each week so that those muscles can take 2 days to rest and grow.  This is key for eliciting growth.
Also keep in mind that there are secondary muscles used in exercises.  Most exercises target a main muscle group, but also utilize secondary muscles.  Those muscles need a rest as well, albeit they may not need as much recuperation as the main muscles that were targeted.  Make sure that you plan out your week accordingly so that these are not overlooked.
If you’d like assistance planning out a new regiment to accelerate muscle growth in a healthy and safe environment, please reach out for a free consultation.

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