One-On-One Training With Jason

Jason has an amazing ability to "read" a person's body to see strengths and weaknesses, as well as the ability to slightly tweak exercises to maximize benefit or work around injury.


Workout With Jason Smith

Use Jason’s decades of training experience to your advantage.  
No matter your goal, injury, weakness or rut, Jason has the unique skill to manipulate exercises and protocols to your advantage so that you can achieve results you never thought you could.  

1-on-1 personal training programs include all the very best in services and resources that we have to offer.

Every client workout session is planned and well thought out prior to each session; personalized to the client and their specific goals.

Workouts are then printed in advance to every session so that your coach can take you through the program step by step providing you with all the instruction, motivation and accountability you need to see amazing results.




2x Per Week8 sessions/mo.
3x Per Week12 sessions/mo
4x Per Week36 session
bulk package

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Nice gym. Perfect location.

5 5 1
I was looking for a personal trainer in Phoenix that was centrally located and had experienced trainers. Found it! I've been going here for 8 months and still enjoy each workout, never boring.

The Best!

5 5 1
Jason and his team honestly care about me and my fitness goals. They are motivating and encouraging. They are also just good people who understand that life can get in the way, but find ways to keep me pushing to be my best. Thanks!


5 5 1
Jason is very experienced and pushes you to be your very best. He also keeps it interesting with new workouts. Best trainer I've been to.